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Papers to Appear in Subsequent Issues

A Review of Self-Exciting Spatio-Temporal Point Processes and Their Applications

Alex Reinhart

A Bayesian approach for missing not at random outcome data: The role of identifying restrictions

Antonio Linero and Michael J. Daniels

Missing Information Principle: A Unified Approach for General Truncated and Censored Survival Data Problems

Yifei Sun, Jing Qin, and Chiung-Yu Huang

Marie-France Bru and Bernard Bru on dice games

Glenn Shafer

Dice Games, by Marie-France Bru and Bernard Bru

Marie-France Bru, Marie-France Bru, and Glenn Shafer

Confidentiality and Differential Privacy in the Dissemination of Frequency Tables

Chris Skinner, Yosef Rinott, Christine M O'Keefe, and Natalie Shlomo

Flexible low-rank statistical modeling with side information and missing data

William Shannon Fithian and Rahul Mazumder

Multiple Imputation: A Review of Practical and Theoretical Findings

Jared S Murray

Causal Inference: A Missing Data Perspective

Fan Li and Peng Ding

Multiple imputation for multilevel data with continuous and binary variables

Vincent Audigier, Ian R. White, Shahab Jolani, Thomas P. A. Debray, Matteo Quartagno, James Carpenter, Stef van Buuren, and Matthieu Resche-Rigon

Introduction to Double Robust Methods for Incomplete Data

Shaun Seaman and Stijn Vansteelandt

Piecewise Deterministic Markov Processes for Continuous-Time Monte Carlo

Paul Fearnhead, Joris Bierkens, Murray Pollock, and Gareth O Roberts

Introduction to the Special Section on Missing Data

Julie Josse and Jerome P. Reiter

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