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Statistical Science

The central purpose of Statistical Science is to convey the richness, breadth and unity of the field by presenting the full range of contemporary statistical thought at a moderate technical level, accessible to the wide community of practitioners, researchers and students of statistics and probability.

Editorial Board     (2017 to 2019)







Cun-Hui Zhang    




Associate Editors


Steve Buckland
Peter Buhlmann
Jiahua Chen
Rong Chen
Rainer Dahlhaus
Peter Diggle
Robin Evans
Michael Friendly
Ed George
Theo Kypraios
Steven Lally
Ian McKeague Vladimir Minin
Byron Morgan
Peter Mueller
Sonia Petrone
Nancy Reid
Richard Samworth
Bodhisattva Sen
Glenn Shafer
David Siegmund
Chris Skinner
Michael Stein
Eric Tchetgen Tchetgen
Yee Whye Teh
Alexandre Tsybakov
Jon Wakefield
Guenther Walther
Martin Wells
Jon Wellner
Yihong Wu
Minge Xie
Bin Yu
Ming Yuan
Tong Zhang
Harrison Zhou



Managing Editor


T.N. Sriram






Production Editor


Patrick Kelly






Past Editors


Peter Green (2014 - 2016)

Past Editors from previous years


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