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Help for ENAR Program Chairs
  The IMS Program Chair at ENAR meetings is responsible for all details having to do with the IMS scientific program.  That is, all advertisements, abstract organization,  and appointment of session organizers.  It is best to announce the meeting early.  Please see Announcement instructions.  Also Help for IMS Program Chairs should be useful in this regard!

I found it useful to speak with the last years' Program Chair.  Try to communicate early and often with the ENAR Program Chair.  Help the ENAR Program Chair arrange the timing of the IMS sessions.  It is often useful to appoint a contributed papers' chair.  Send me email if you have a question!

Deadline for abstract submission is October 15th.  IMS abstracts are submitted to the ENAR website and IMS speaker checks the IMS box. The IMS Program Chair should check the ENAR website and let the ENAR Program Chair know if the IMS box is missing or difficult to find. See also Help for IMS Program Chairs.

ENAR sends the abstracts shortly after October 15th to the IMS Executive Director, Elyse Gustafson.  Elyse will forward these abstracts to the IMS Program Chair.  The IMS Program Chair (use your session organizers!) should ensure that all invited speakers have submitted an abstract.  ENAR needs all abstracts by December 1st (publishing deadline).

Local Chair
  Discuss problems/ ideas with IMS Program Chair.  See Local Chair's Help!

Outside Speakers:
It is often possible to have the registration waived for nonstatistician speakers. You should send a request for such a waiver through the ENAR  Program Chair to the ENAR president.  (Please let me know about the request!).  Generally, if the person is not a statistician, the waiver is granted.

  1. ENAR does not share expenses/profits with IMS.  ENAR organizes all aspects of the meeting except for the scientific content of the IMS sessions.
  2. IMS program secretary appoints IMS Program Chair and local chair by January 15 of the preceding year (this gets their names in the preceding year's program) and gives this to the ENAR office.
  3. ENAR will charge IMS a fee per non-ENAR but IMS member attending the March meeting.  This is to compensate ENAR for running the meeting.  When a person registers for the meeting he/ she checks off membership in the various societies.  So all people who do not check off ENAR membership but do check off IMS membership are counted.
  4. Meeting rooms:  If you want a meeting room at the meeting for IMS group then you need to reserve the room prior to January of the meeting year with the ENAR office.

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