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The Committee of Presidents of Statistical Societies (COPSS) Awards are jointly sponsored by the American Statistical Association, the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, the International Biometric Society ENAR, the International Biometric Society WNAR, and the Statistical Society of Canada. They are: the R.A. Fisher Lectureship; the Florence Nightingale David Award; the Elizabeth L. Scott Award; the George W. Snedecor Award; and the Presidents' Award. Each award consists of a plaque, a citation, and a cash honorarium. Additional information for all the awards and a list of past COPSS awards recipients can be found at the COPSS web site: A list of COPSS members and current committee members is also available at the COPSS website.

All COPSS awards are open to all regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, nationality or citizenship except the F.N. David Award which is restricted to only female statisticians and the Presidents award which is awarded to a younger (age < 41 years) statistician. Nominees must be living at the time of their nominations and a prior nomination does not exclude a nominee from consideration in subsequent years. Nominations may be made by members of any of the COPSS affiliated organizations. Members of COPSS are not eligible for COPSS awards during their terms of service.

For more information on the COPSS awards and current nomination information, including deadlines, please go here: